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Schemes of Work: IGCSE and IB Chemistry Courses

Yearly overviews give timings for the whole year for each course of study.

Schemes of work are an overview of each topic with ideas and resources for learning activities.

Yearly overviews

IGCSE Course plan

Year 12 Course plan | Year 12 Practical Scheme of Work


Schemes of work

Techniques, atomic structure, periodicity (4)

Introduction to electrochemistry and ionicity (2)

Reactivity of metals (4)

Structure and Bonding and Stoichiometry I (5)

Electrochemistry (3)

Organic chemistry I (7)

Kinetics (3)

Energetics (3)

Stoichiometry II (4)


Reversible Reactions (2)

Redox and electrolysis (3)

Acids and bases (4)

Qualitative chemistry (2)

Periodicity (2)

Air and water (2)

Descriptive chemistry (1)

Organic chemistry II (4)


Types of reactions / Intro to moles (2)

Alcohols (3)

Periodicity and atomic structure / introduction to ionicity (3)

Energy changes in chemical reactions (3)

Redox and the halogens (2)

Covalency and bond breaking (2)

Intermolecular forces and States of matter (3) 

Rates of reaction (2)

Entropy (1)

Reversible reactions (2)

Acids and bases (3)

Organic Chemistry (3)

Option C: Human Biochemistry (SL) (6)


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