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Yearly outlines:


Year 10 | Year 10 student version

Year 11 | Year 11 student version

Years 7, 8 & 9


Work Guides:

Year 12


Energy changes in chemical reactions

Redox and the halogens

Covalency and bond breaking

Intermolecular forces and States of matter

Rates of reaction


Year 11

Organic chemistry II  

Revision programme (8)


Year 10

Techniques, atomic structure, periodicity 

Introduction to electrochemistry and ionicity  

Reactivity of metals  

Structure and Bonding and Stoichiometry I  


Organic chemistry I



Stoichiometry II | booklet

Revision (syllabus statements)


Year 9


Healthy body (5)

Materials / Chemical reactions (5)


Year 7


Introduction to science

Living things (6)

Matter as particles (6)