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Year 7 Cells and Reproduction

All of the links below will take you to a web page which contains information and activities. Try all of the activities!

  1. The history of the microscope.

  2. The parts of the microscope and how it works.

  3. Observing onion skin cells

  4. Organelles (the parts of a cell) and their function (what they do)

  5. Diagrams of plant and animal cells

  6. The differences between plant and animal cells

  7. Specialised cells

  8. Cell division

  9. Here's a great site all about cells

  10. The male and female human reproductive system

  11. Fertilisation in sexual reproduction

  12. Take a look at these photos of cells

  13. Sexual versus asexual reproduction

  14. The menstrual cycle, Ovulation and sexual intercourse

  15. Click here for an interactive menstrual cycle page

  16. Fertilisation

  17. Stages of pregnancy: the early stage, the later stages and keeping the feotus alive

  18. Information and photos on the development of the human foetus

  19. Birth

  20. Heredity (What makes you you!)

  21. The structure of flowers and the function of the whorls

  22. Pollination and how this occurs

  23. Fertilization, dispersal (wind, animal, water, self) and germination in flowering plants

  24. Schoolsnet lesson on human reproduction

  25. Schoolsnet lesson on pregnancy and birth

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